Moped Productions | Special projects by Moped Productions
Moped Productions partners with non-profits and the community to help get their voice out there and heard.
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Special Projects

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Comedy for Good

Comedy for Good is a collective effort to curate, create and celebrate funny content about serious issues, leveraging comedy as a force for social good, political change and philanthropic causes, and catalyzing measurable action. Get in touch to join our event series as a partner, content contributor or just generally awesome attendee!

Community Outreach

We like to look around barriers in search of opportunities. Non-profits and startups often find themselves without budgets for large-scale projects that would truly impact their bottom line. In some cases, they are able to fund content development, only to have distribution flat-line due to lack of resources, or sometimes, know-how. We can provide workshops and consulting around fund-sourcing, production planning and distribution tactics to help fill in the gaps. Let us know what you’re up to and what your needs are to get started.

MOPED Originals

MOPED develops and produces original content in many forms, and collaborates with award-winning Writers, Directors, Producers, other Production Companies and Agencies to see new projects come to life. We are open to supporting your content development at any stage and leveraging our network for appropriate distribution. Contact us and let us know your needs.