Moped Productions | MOPED Productions services for video production and design
MOPED Productions offers a variety of services including CREATIVE DIRECTION, LOGISTICS & PLANNING, VIDEO PRODUCTION, GRAPHIC & PRINT DESIGN and STRATEGY & SHARING for nonprofit, NGO, and CSR marketing, including documentary, scripted content, PSA, corporate social responsibility, cause marketing, pro-social, celebrity-driven cause marketing, social justice, political communication, triple bottom line, annual reports, and social impact.
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Our Services

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We work with you to craft informative, compelling and effective content, whether it’s 6 seconds or 60 minutes, an individual design element or a collateral piece, a 5-minute video or a series of episodes with event screenings. Our collaborators and partners are made up of creatives, strategists and industry-specific experts to make sure your project is thoughtfully tailored for maximum influence. Whether delivering full libraries of content for internal messaging, or producing a handful of outward-facing elements, we enjoy breaking down and developing technical communication tools as much as we enjoy writing and creating original content. Together we’ll understand your topic, vision, and goals, and then conceptualize a story strategy, find a creative lens, and scope out a realistic plan based on your schedule and budget. What’s Your Story?


The best creative in the world will fall flat if execution is weak. For us, no detail is too small to matter when it’s showing up in the final result. We are well-versed in large and small-scale production planning, budgeting and logistics management for smooth execution, on-time delivery and successful dissemination. We often partner with companies already equipped with a creative plan but desiring support in this critical area. We handle insurance requirements, union guidelines, appearance and location releases, technical details, set design, casting, wardrobe, catering, travel coordination, detailed scheduling, and even backup planning when it’s needed. It’s our role to think of everything so you can focus on bigger picture thinking with confidence that the pieces will come together when it matters most. How Can We Help?


We maximize your production budget by scaling our resources based on the needs of the project — from small, independent crews to larger studio teams. It’s our priority to maintain a positive experience while in production, no matter how complicated or challenging the needs are. We work both remotely and locally, wherever you need us and for as long (or short) as you need. We shoot, edit and deliver in all digital formats, handle all aspects of pre-production, production, post-production and delivery, and are happy to work with your existing assets and resources, be they new or archival. Check Out Our Video Work


Visual storytelling is necessary in both traditional and digital formats, whether in a storefront, on a website, in a Facebook “readable” video, or at a fundraising event. We create and implement design elements for digestible content, brand building, elevated exposure and immediate impact across digital, video and print platforms. We’ve helped startup organizations develop their “first look,” we’ve created dynamic graphics for video series and print collateral, and we’ve executed strong art direction and set design for budgets of all ranges. Check Out Our Design Work


No story resounds well in silence. We maximize the use of your most relevant communication platforms. We’ll be your thinking partner in strategizing and executing cross promotion tactics to ensure visibility and reach among your ecosystem of partners, customers, advocates and beyond. This means local messaging having global scale and global issues resonating locally, collectively creating broader impact and specific, tangible outcomes at home. With our partners, clients and allies, we’ve been there and we’ve achieved results. See What We’ve Shared


Sometimes you have all the pieces in place, or so you’d like to confirm. If you’re not sure about where things stand with your production, we can help you work through the planning and production process to ensure nothing throws you off course. We can meet you on the phone, or on-site. We can be your right-hand, extra-ear and support-person during your process when you don’t have the need for a full-on Line Producer or Production Manager. Let’s Start Talking


We don’t like spinning our wheels or yours. Alongside you, we understand and define your success metrics, monitor the results of your story dissemination, and follow up on new opportunities to increase visibility and impact as they arise. We are committed to distilling, developing and implementing story-based strategies that elevate, inspire and influence. We see each new venture as a chance to uncover insights and engage in meaningful, transformative experiences that ultimately help you reach your goals. We would invite you on our journey, but it’s your ride we’re on. So Let’s Get Started