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TCG “I AM THEATRE” 50-Part Series

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TCG “I AM THEATRE” 50-Part Series

The Project

As it approached its 50th anniversary, the prestigious Theatre Communications Group (TCG) wanted to mark the occasion with a video series. Given a large membership with disparate objectives, it needed to unify and engage a broad, diverse, and global audience.

The Work

TCG’s mission in combination with some strategic creative sessions resulted in our conceiving “I AM THEATRE” as both a tagline and a theme to anchor the videos, generate pride in TCG and the theater industry, and inspire audiences to craft and post their own videos—to viral effect.

The Results

  • MOPED conceived, directed, and produced 55 assets, which compelled viewers to join the conversation by recording and uploading their own videos.
  • 50 story-driven videos featured pivotal moments in the lives of TCG members, from theatre legends (Olympia Dukakis, Eric Bogosian) to stage craftspeople and even interns.
  • Five promotional videos were also produced, each appealing to distinctive goals, business-to-business, fundraising, grantmaking, networking, and lobbying.
  • Unified branding (logo, animation, spoken tie-in) was developed for all 55 videos.
  • Since the anniversary, the stories continue to inspire fans, members, and audiences around the world, championing theater, its makers, and TCG.
  • The Team

    Executive Producer Maureen Isern, Director + Producer Jean Candiotte, Cinematographer Zachary Halberd, Editor Joey Williamson, Graphics Editor Mike Wechsler


    February 24, 2016


    Fundraising, Graphics + Design, Series, Social Impact, Video