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PBS “America Reframed” Doc Series

PBS “America Reframed” Doc Series

The Project

Each year through the lens of 26 documentary films, America ReFramed tells the stories of a diverse and transforming America: what makes us different -- race, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, abilities -- as well as what we share in common. America ReFramed is a World Channel series that kicked off in 2012, bringing 60 and 90-minute nonfiction independent films to the air, with a focus on relevant domestic topics including healthcare, immigration, the workplace, and politics. Hosted by Natasha Del Toro, America Reframed is produced by the same team that produces POV for PBS. The show airs at 8pm on Tuesdays.

The Work

MOPED was brought on as the production company to handle script research and development, production coordination, in-studio wrap-around interviews for each episode, field production of hosted promos, and all graphics, music and post-production. Each episode features a documentary bracketed by in-studio new interviews with key participants in the films, and includes personal storytelling tied to programming's social themes.

The Results

  • This weekly series featuring diverse independent films is often followed by provocative conversations led by host and moderator Natasha Del Toro, offering an unfiltered look at people rarely given a voice on national television.
  • We produced 52 episodes covering a wide range of issues including veteran re-integration into civilian life, medical marijuana laws, Native American identity and culture, life with developmental disabilities, Muslim-American life and many others.
  • The format gave way to frank conversations around challenging and critical topics that continue to tie deeply into the fabric of current news headlines.

  • The Team

    Executive Producer Maureen Isern, Director + Producer Jean Candiotte, Additional Producers Anna Sang Park + Ritesh Gupta, Cinematographer Charlie Mysak, Story Editors Todd Thoenig + Crook Brothers


    February 22, 2017


    Graphics + Design, Series, Social Impact, Video