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Nikon LIVE “Sound Check” Audio Series

Nikon LIVE “Sound Check” Audio Series

The Project

Japanese imaging giant Nikon wanted to take a fresh angle when launching its new line of ultra-sleek, super-portable digital cameras. To promote the line, Nikon gave cameras to ten different chart-topping singers and bands, who each kept an ongoing photo blog and gallery of life on tour while snapping away on their Nikon. In conjunction, audio interviews allowed the artists to share their reflections from the road (many literally calling in from their tour buses), while also giving them a chance to plug their favorite nonprofit organization.

The Work

MOPED was approached to facilitate, produce and edit the audio interviews with band members and solo artists such as Goo Goo Dolls, Plain White T’s, Paramore, Good Charlotte and Suzanne Vega. In each spot, the featured artist reflected on life on the road, the wildest and most beautiful sights they’d come across, and how their perfect traveling companion (their Nikon camera) served them in preserving those memories.

The Results

  • The easy-going, bantery and sincere interviews were a hit across social media platforms as well as through the AMERICAN PHOTO and Nikon websites, successfully targeting a broad yet pointed fan-based audience with the pop-meets-tech meets philanthropy angle.
  • Proceeds from the artist photos that were sold online went towards the nonprofit organization of the artist’s choice, which they got to plug during their interviews.
  • By giving fans direct access to their favorite artists and their passions, the interviews significantly increased exposure for each charity mentioned by the artists.

  • The Team

    Executive Producer + Editor Maureen Isern; Artist Coordination by Vinnie Potestivo Entertainment


    February 22, 2017


    Brands, Fundraising, Series, Social Impact