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#LegacyLeaders of Color TCG Video Project

#LegacyLeaders of Color TCG Video Project

The Project

As part of Theatre Communications Group's (TCG's) Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Initiative and with support from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, we set out to capture a series of interviews chronicling the stories of founding leaders of theatres of color. The #LegacyLeaders of Color Video Project (LLCVP) features individuals with notable achievements in creating opportunities lacking for artists of color, who have challenged appropriation and misrepresentation through staging the full richness and complexity of racial, ethnic and cultural identities, who have helped gain political power and creative autonomy, and who have contributed their unique aesthetic and social perspectives to the American theatre and wider culture.

The Work

MOPED joined TCG as a dedicated production partner during the grant proposal writing and development stage of this project. We developed multiple budgets, storylines, creative treatments and production schedules while coordinating teams and travel for 9 shoots across the country, each with their own set of unique needs. We managed a rolling post-production calendar, sourced dozens of hours of archive footage and photos, and handled all aspects of editing, color, sound and delivery, including a full-color Master DVD set for event screenings. We also delivered a 3-minute series trailer and a sizzle for social with verbatim readable text, which launched in December 2016 prior to the first episode premiering in January 2017.

The Results

  • The ongoing series has been well-received by the theatre community and, as national arts funding is being further depleted, showcases the critical need for theatre as a voice of social justice in all communities. For questions about the LLCVP, contact Elena Chang @
  • MOPED is continuing to provide relationship-building support as screening events in the leaders’ communities are being coordinated and executed to further celebrate their legacies and galvanize support for their enduring impact. The #LegacyLeaders of Color Video Project not only honors the elders, but will serve as a road map for future leaders.
  • MOPED is continuing to facilitate the materials release process on TCG's behalf for museums, theatres and institutions expressing interest in accessing complete episodes or excerpt footage for their own screenings, external marketing and internal use.
  • The impact and substance of the series' episodes, and the response to the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Initiative overall, has compelled TCG to undertake a followup grant proposal process to create a followup documentary with MOPED attached as the Producing Partner. More news to come on that.

  • The Team

    Executive Producer Maureen Isern, Director + Producer Anna Sang Park, Cinematographers Dave Tumblety + Steve Cachero + Noah Therrien, Field Producers Maria Elena Pineda + Laurel Spellman Smith + Ashley Gutierrez, Sound Operators Noah Therrien + Jonathan Olinger, Editors Nicolas Pechitch + Inga Moren Tapias + Albert Covelli + Jonathan Rivera


    February 22, 2017


    Graphics + Design, Series, Social Impact, Video