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JGSF Branding (now the EB Research Partnership)

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JGSF Branding (now the EB Research Partnership)

The Project

This ambitious non-profit was founded by the parents of a child with Epidermolysis Bullosa, a rare childhood disease that causes skin to be so delicate that it blisters and tears. To gain attention and funding, the newly formed foundation’s branding needed to evoke confidence, while projecting a child's sensibility and optimism. In contrast, the tagline needed to communicate the mission of the organization, as well as the name of the disease it was looking to cure.

The Work

MOPED developed a broad brand strategy to help JGSF appeal to its various constituents, including funders and researchers. We performed a brand audit, then produced: a) an evocative tagline, b) an optimistic, enduring logo, c) a sophisticated look / feel (font / color palette), d) a clear voice and back-story, and e) a website capable of scaling.

The Results

  • The new tagline communicated the organization’s mission and the name of the disease it’s looking to cure—information intentionally missing from the organization’s logo. “Find a cure. End EB.” 
  • The butterfly logo carries a triple meaning: children with the disease are nicknamed “butterfly children” for their delicacy, the dots-based design is in reverence to promising DNA-based research, and the butterfly and heart impart a child's sensitivity. 
  • Finally, the website streamlined tedious medical content in favor of hard news, actionable items, and real world stories. We incorporated mobile capabilities that allowed for wider usage.
  • In a matter of years, JGSF successfully leveraged its well-developed mission, brand identity and values to merge with Heal EB and become part of the EB Research Partnership organization, furthering the voice and needs of EB children and families everywhere to advance research and legislation around the disease.
  • The Team

    Copywriting, Content Development + Tag Line by Executive Producer Maureen Isern + Director Jean Candiotte, Visual Identity + Design by Studio XL / Margaret Biedel


    February 29, 2016


    Fundraising, Graphics + Design, Healthcare + Disease, Social Impact