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MOPED Productions NYC, assisting non-profits and companies in their commercial and web media needs.
MOPED Productions, NYC, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Video Production, Web Series, Media, Commercials, Advertising, Video, Editing
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Hudsun Media Production Services

Hudsun Media Production Services

The Project

When this now-giant media company was just getting tee'd up to become the creative force it is today, it wanted resources to get projects off the ground in a way that was all-encompassing and conscious of development budgets. While its internal team focused on building out the company’s now powerful brand, MOPED was able to handle any arising production and post-production needs in a creative and production services function, and particularly under tight turnaround.

The Work

What started off as a pilot and sizzle reel project evolved into years of production support on primarily fashion and entertainment-driven digital content, from casting research and creative development all they way through field and in-studio production, graphics, editing, music and delivery. We were able to expand and contract our resources based on the needs of each project, to specifically execute on the creative vision established by the Hudsun team and its clients.

The Results

  • Provided production, editing, music and graphics for's first fashion series, "Unracked," which earned 400% ROI.
  • Pregnant in Heels was a two-season docu-drama reality television series for Bravo that followed maternity concierge, fashion designer, and pregnancy guru Rosie Pope as she guides expecting mothers to the finishing (or just beginning) line. With Michael Rourke's creative direction, MOPED produced and edited the 3-minute pitch sizzle and the 20-minute development tape that helped get the show picked up and launched. Beyond that, we ended up producing a series of MomPrep videos for the Rosie Pope Maternity brand as well.
  • Developed, produced and delivered development content featuring former American editor-at-large for Vogue magazine Andre Leon Talley, fashion designer Rachel Roy, shoe designer Manolo Blahnik, the Jones Group, Nine West and others.
  • Provided production, editing and graphics for Nine West's "You've Been Schooled by Kelly Cutrone" and "Style Studio" with Rebecca Minkoff (Yahoo!'s first fashion show).
  • Provided production, editing and graphics for the pitch tape that launched Decoding Style with Nina Garcia on AOL..

  • The Team

    Executive Producer Maureen Isern, Director + Producer Jean Candiotte, Cinematographers Artem Agafonov, Zachary Halberd + Phil Coccioletti, Graphics Editor Mike Wechsler, Editor Joey Williamson


    February 22, 2017


    Brands, Graphics + Design, Series, Video