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Harry Potter MTV
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Harry Potter MTV360 Branded Content

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Harry Potter MTV360 Branded Content

The Project

With the third Harry Potter movie set for release, MTV360 (MTV’s fully integrated branding muscle that later evolved into MTV Scratch) set it sights on a new demographic: teenagers who weren’t necessarily die-hard Potter fans, but could get excited about rough and tumble action.

The Work

MTV360's Creative Director Brian DeCubellis developed and captured an original comedic script and hired MOPED to weave together two storylines through hard-hitting editing and sound design. The cheeky short, which cuts between a conversation and a revenge fantasy, had just enough humor and daring to gain attention online.

The Results

  • When the video aired on MTV, it was an instant hit, and lit up social media soundboards.
  • The video reached over 46,000 viewers across America and Europe on YouTube alone.
  • MOPED finished editing within mere days versus 2-3 months, as estimated by our competitors.
  • MOPED put into play a fast-editing turnaround without compromising technique or quality to create an engaging, tightly woven final product.
  • The Team

    Executive Producer + Director Brian DeCubellis, Editor Maureen Isern


    February 29, 2016


    Brands, Video