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Guilt Group Series
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Gilt Groupe “Unracked” Series

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Gilt Groupe “Unracked” Series

The Project

This popular shopping site wanted to create something unexpected for its Facebook page: eight talk-show-like episodes spotlighting fashion celebrities such as Diane von Furstenberg and Molly Sims. The 30-minute reels would be meaty and dive deep -- in contrast to the promotional sizzle reel or the 30-second episodic trailer spots.

The Work

MOPED produced, researched, and coordinated all interviews, talent, schedules, and locations for the series, Unracked. We made resourceful use of three cameras, going “behind the scenes” into designers’ studios and creative processes. We also designed and produced original graphics, delivered all editing and managed audio design, mixing and delivery throughout post-production.

The Results

  • Each piece was glamorous, full of substance and intriguing. The series drove a 400% ROI for Gilt, with the funny, engaging and informative episodes providing surprising insight into the world of fashion—consistent with Gilt Groupe’s image as a website for discovery.
  • The production took just two weeks—amounting to a half-day shoot for each segment.
  • Gilt Groupe ended up with four videos for each celebrity: at 3-, 5-, 10-, and 30-minute lengths, resulting in 33 video deliverables including the series sizzle.
  • The Team

    Executive Producer Maureen Isern, Director + Producer Jean Candiotte, Cinematographers Zachary Halberd + Phil Coccioletti, Editor Joey Williamson, Graphics Editor Mike Wechsler


    February 29, 2016


    Brands, Graphics + Design, Series, Video