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Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy

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Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy

The Project

Prior to its 10th anniversary, AAPIP hired Fenton Communications to revive its image and transform its branding strategy. Fenton then approached MOPED to create a video that honored both milestones: a decade of philanthropy, and a visible shift in branding.

The Work

MOPED developed a script that clarified the AAPIP story, philanthropic standpoint, and past successes in crisp, inspired language. Then, we developed a graphic and type-based animation, and overlaid it on existing assets including still shots and video of AAPIP members and affiliates.

The Results

  • The video creates a steady, stirring tempo that communicates the organization’s boundless goodwill and fresh energy.
  • Using existing photo and video assets gave the organization a chance to celebrate its members and past events, while also keeping the production budget to a minimum.
  • Since the spot’s premiere before thousands at AAPIP National Philanthropy Summit in the Yerba Buena Arts Center in San Francisco, AAPIP has used it as a tool in countless meetings, training sessions, forums and events.
  • Thousands of viewers have watched the spot online. Tremendously pleased, AAPIP hired MOPED to document its largest annual assembly, and edit content for archival and ongoing web-based use.
  • The Team

    Executive Producer Maureen Isern, Producer Jean Candiotte, Story + Graphics Editor Mike Wechsler


    February 29, 2016


    Fundraising, Graphics + Design, Social Impact, Video